Home is for file management. It's reachable by clicking the top-left logo.

UI Drafter's Home

Drafter Workspace

For now, glance over where the Card and Entry actions are. Then, take a look at the Cards and compare them with the next section.

UI Drafter's Drafter Workspace

Previewer Workspace

Cards become interactive pages.

UI Drafter's Previewer Workspace

Initial Page

Previewer opens at the selected Card. Otherwise, at the topmost.

Undo works in Previewer too

Both workspaces share their undo history. For example, changing an input value in Previewer modifies it in Drafter too.

Alternatively, if that sharing is undesirable, you can either:

  • FileDuplicate before previewing,
  • or ViewPreview in New Tab. This way Drafter and Previewer will have independent undo histories. But you'll need to make the final edit in the tab you want to be saved in your browser storage. That edit could be arbitrary, or an Undo + Redo.

File Storage

For working offline, security, and privacy:

  • UI Drafter automatically saves in your browser, and
  • You can FileSave to Disk.
More about the file storage…

Your files don't leave your computer. They get saved in your browser database after every change. Therefore, if you have multiple tabs with the same file, the last edited one wins.

As the browser's Clear browsing data deletes all files, you can mitigate accidental deletions by creating an exclusive profile. For example, Google Chrome® has a Manage people feature where the storage of Profile A doesn't interfere with Profile B.

Similarly, you can UserExport all Files. The saved and exported files are JSON, so you can keep track of their history in a version control system like git.


Exporting for Graphic Design Programs

In Previewer, use the browser's PrintSave as PDF. That PDF serves as an editable starting point you can import into graphic design programs.

Distraction Free Mode

As the top menubar has all the actions, you can hide the Toolbar and Side Panels using the View menu. Also, most actions are available as context menus (right-click) and Shortcuts.

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