In contrast to the other Entry templates, Buttons:

  • Have Action(s) instead of a Value.
  • Have no Connectors.
  • Are always ignored in Formulas.


Actions execute in Previewer (Buttons are only clickable there). Each Button can have many of these actions:

Go to Card

Think of this action as Go to Page because the target is always a Root Card.

More Details

If the Button has many Go to Card actions, it will only go to the first one available. For example, you can Delete a Card and still have an alternative target. That’s why Go to Card actions get moved to the end of the action list.

Go to URL

Opens a new tab with the URL.

Clone from Dynamic Form Original

The Dynamic Form Template option is for making stencil Card for creating new Cards.

Delete Card

Deletes a specific Card or the Card that houses the Button.


A function that runs after clicking the Button. The JavaScript document has details and examples.

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