Basic Formula

Formulas use the values of the numeric Entries. That's to say, textual Entries are ignored in the computation, like struck ones.

Struck Entries are ignored in the formula computation

CardEnable Formula

After enabling the formula, notice the Card total and its output connector. This video uses an Auxiliary Root Card, but any kind of Card can have a Formula.


CardFormula Presets

To remove a preset, re-click the active preset button.

Nested Cards are like parentheses

Deeper Cards compute before their parent(s).

Hypotenuse = (a2 + b2)½

Nested Card in Formula

Nested Card Operator

Like Entries, Nested Cards have an operator (unless they are the first Formula item).

Spring Work Formula
Nested Card Formula Operator

Operator Precedence

Formulas follow arithmetic rules: 1 + 2 × 3 = 7

Exponentiation is right associative: 2 ^ 2 ^ 3 = 256

Alternatives to Formulas

The next document is about integrating JavaScript. Therefore, you can also write formulas like:

function ({ radius }) {
  return 2 * Math.PI * radius.value
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